May 17, 2024

The Best Forex News Websites

Forex traders need to remain up-to-date with world events and news as it could radically impact trading decisions. A great way to do this is by reading trusted forex news websites.

Eearnforex provides articles covering various currencies, making them one of the best forex news sites. Their morning articles offer insights into anticipated market changes while evening articles provide a recap of that day’s events.

FX Empire

FX Empire is an authoritative global financial news portal, providing in-depth market analysis and breaking market updates in 15 languages. Additionally, this website features trading tools and expert opinions as well as streaming quotes, charts, and information for thousands of financial instruments.

You acknowledge and agree that FX Empire’s Site and Service, Content, and proprietary analysis is protected by copyrights, trademarks, trade secrets, and other forms of intellectual property law. As such, any modifications, publication transmission, derivative works creation or any other form of exploitation or any attempt at profiteering of them without FX Empire’s prior written approval cannot be done at your expense.


BabyPips was established by passionate forex enthusiasts to make currency trading accessible to beginners. The website features educational articles, lively forums and helpful tools.

Babypips also provides technical analysis services, including chart patterns and indicators to assist traders in making more informed trading decisions.

A useful Forex Calendar tool provides an overview of planned economic news events and their possible impact on the market, with filters for currency impact and timeframe – this tool is particularly beneficial to beginners looking to stay abreast of latest developments.

Tugas FX

Authentic FX is a well-run forex group with excellent content. Featuring an active forum and chat room, Authentic FX provides trading strategies as well as sharing experience and providing tips to new traders.

This group offers plenty of useful information about profitable pairs and publishes daily summaries of closed trades, making this worth checking out even if only for its limited number of members. However, its main downside lies in posting information in technical language which might prove frustrating for novice traders.

Forex AMG

Forex AMG, located in the UK and offering the popular MT4 platform, presents numerous drawbacks. Notably lacking effective regulation and negative user reviews that suggest fraudulent activities, its website remains inaccessible preventing users from easily finding key information.

Forex Forum is an invaluable resource that offers useful information about brokers, trading languages and indicators, software tools and trading techniques as well as offering a discussion area where traders can share experiences and discuss new ideas.

Over 40 thousand members belong to this forum that shares updates during forex trading hours about GBP/USD exchange rate pair, charts, and breaking news.


FXStreet is an online portal providing Forex market news and content. Among its features are real-time exchange rates, charts, economic calendars, technical analysis tools as well as fundamental and technical analysis services. Monetization includes display advertisements as well as premium subscription plans.

Stay informed on currency markets from anywhere at any time with this site that offers impartial, free information to traders worldwide.

Babypips is known for providing entertaining and informative articles that cover a wide range of financial topics with an educative twist, as well as its extensive video library that helps traders learn the fundamentals.

Forex Factory

Forex Factory is an invaluable resource for traders of all levels – beginners to experts alike. Offering real-time news and analysis on events that impact currency prices as well as an interactive forum where traders discuss strategies, the site also features an impact tool which shows potential economic data releases on price movements.

News section features the latest market developments curated by an editorial team 24/7 for maximum quality and minimal noise. Market tool displays live trading charts from members’ brokerage accounts connected to the platform.

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