October 4, 2022


Valuation of Non Financial Assets

A non financial asset is a type of asset that cannot be traded on financial markets. Instead, the value of a non financial asset is derived from the physical net worth of the asset or from a contractual claim. This type of asset can be intangible or tangible. In many cases, these assets cannot be […]

The Predictive Power of Stock Earnings

In analyzing the performance of publicly traded companies, one of the most common metrics is stock earnings. Earnings are reported on a quarterly or annual basis. The P/E ratio is used to measure the value of a stock. Other metrics include return on assets and return on equity (ROE). You should familiarize yourself with these […]

How Available Online Trade Marketing Works For Manufacturers

The importance of trade marketing is evident in the sustainable development of brands. Branding is essential to ensure the identity of a product. Smart branding practices, such as those used by Apple, Google, and Microsoft, have made their products famous. Retailers are more likely to sell products from established brands than from faceless companies. In […]

Efficiency in International Trade Logistics

The efficiency of trade support structures is an important determinant of global trade growth. Although logistics plays an important role in supporting commercial activities, its performance is rarely examined in trade policy research and practice. This paper investigates the effect of logistics performance on international trade, drawing on both disaggregated data on logistics performance and […]


Characteristics of a Good Investment Opportunity

There are five characteristics of a good investment opportunity that should be considered before you invest. The most important quality of a good investment is the ability to solve a problem. Companies such as Grubhub and Postmates solve a real problem for consumers: they make it easier for us to order food without having to […]

Crypto Finance Ecosystem: Three Crucial Elements

The Crypto Finance Ecosystem is a complicated place to be when it comes to digital assets. Cryptocurrencies’ prices are not regulated by central markets or governments like traditional assets are. Their supply and demand are determined by computer code, therefore prices frequently fluctuate greatly. Numerous original terminologies and concepts have been developed in the digital […]

Finding Hard Money Lenders For Real Estate Investing

When looking for a loan for real estate investing, finding a hard money lender can be beneficial. These lenders specialize in providing money for real estate projects that traditional banks aren’t willing to finance. Some of these lenders even fund distressed properties. Another advantage of working with hard money lenders is that you can obtain […]

8 Steps to Take Before Listing a For Sale Investment Property

If you are in the market for a for sale investment property, it is important to know what to do before you list it. Before you list your property, you should do a pre-listing inspection to find out what needs to be repaired, and this will prevent any concerns from buyers who are already in […]