June 11, 2024

Top 5 Investment Apps

Investment apps offer individuals a dynamic mobile experience with various trading amenities, research content and user support resources. Furthermore, these applications also provide useful user support and educational resources for their users.

Making an intelligent investment app requires an experienced development team. Engaging a software development company ensures you receive an exceptional product on time and within budget.

SoFi Invest

SoFi Invest is a brokerage service that allows users to trade stocks and exchange-traded funds at competitive trading fees and no account management fees. Furthermore, SoFi Invest provides fractional shares as well as interest-bearing cash management accounts; however bonds or mutual funds may be found with other full-service brokers.

SoFi offers an intuitive investing experience through their website and mobile app, but lack features for more advanced investors such as fundamental and technical analysis tools. Furthermore, SoFi doesn’t support short sales or complex orders such as stop-limit, trailing, or conditional orders – something advanced investors often require for optimal investment returns.

SoFi Invest offers an effective option for novice investors and those hoping to save for retirement, college expenses or home down payments. With commission-free stock and ETF trades and a limited selection of investments that keep costs low. Plus members get special benefits such as career coaching sessions, exclusive events and rate discounts on SoFi personal loans!


Stash is a digital investment app offering taxable investment accounts, savings accounts and debit cards – as well as retirement and custodial accounts – for investors of all ages. There is no minimum deposit requirement and its low fees come without broker commissions; investors can invest in stocks and ETFs with fractional shares too!

Your portfolio is made up of individual stocks and ETFs you select yourself, or with Stash’s Smart Portfolio robo-advisor that builds one based on your risk tolerance and financial goals. Stash’s app also enables you to track milestones that will be recognized when reached – making for an effortless investment journey!

While signing up, you will be asked a series of questions regarding your age and investment goals, your legal name, Social Security number and citizenship will all need to be provided as standard requirements – this process takes only 1-2 minutes in total!


Betterment is one of the leading robo-advisors on the market, known for its low fees and educational approach. Built around Modern Portfolio Theory principles, its diversified portfolio aims to maximize returns while mitigating risk.

Betterment offers 13 asset classes to build a customized portfolio tailored to your risk tolerance and time horizon. You can further tailor the allocation by changing each asset class’s weight in the core portfolio; additionally, Betterment will automatically rebalance it back towards its target allocation.

The service allows users to link external investing and retirement savings accounts in order to gain an overview of their financial goals. It analyzes these accounts to provide advice on your current asset allocation as well as guidance for reaching them. Furthermore, features like tax loss harvesting and automatic asset location ensure investments anticipated to have higher tax rates are placed into tax-advantaged accounts such as an IRA for tax efficiency.


M1 provides both an IRA and an ESPP, along with digital checking accounts, margin loans, and credit cards to bring all your finances together into one convenient platform. Furthermore, its dynamic rebalancing capability and fractional shares make investing even small amounts in expensive stocks or ETFs possible.

Modern Portfolio Theory underlies Pie’s investment portfolio templates, commonly referred to as pies. But unlike other robo advisors, Pie doesn’t rely on an in-depth questionnaire to determine your risk tolerance; you can build custom Pies yourself or choose from over 60 pre-built options available on its platform.

M1 Investments allows you to set up automatic deposits from your bank account, and it will invest them if they exceed a threshold you select. Unfortunately, M1 does not provide tax loss harvesting or retirement planning tools like 401(k) rollovers; however it does reimburse ATM fees across accounts as well as providing free FDIC-insured checking accounts and rewards credit cards to its investors.

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