July 11, 2024

Car Loan Refinance

Refinancing your car loan could be an excellent decision under certain conditions. For instance, if interest rates have decreased since taking out your original loan and your credit scores have improved since signing it off, refinancing may help you save money by refinancing instead.

Refinancing can help you decrease the term of your loan and get rid of debt more quickly. To start the process, review all documents associated with your original purchase as well as your current loan information.

Interest Rates

Refinancing their auto loan often allows individuals to benefit from lower interest rates due to improved credit scores, an increase in income or eliminating prepayment penalties on their current loan.

Auto refinancing interest rates depend on a number of factors, including your credit score and lender. Bank of America provides refinance loans starting at 8.09%; their lowest rates are reserved for people who meet specific qualifications for loan approval based on vehicle age, trade-in value or private-party sale value, lien free equity equity and higher credit scores.

You may qualify for a lower interest rate if your credit has improved since purchasing your car and you had poor or no credit at the time. Any reduction of even two percentage points will save you significant sums over the lifetime of your loan.


One of the primary purposes of refinancing car loans is lowering monthly payments, whether that means locking in a lower interest rate or stretching out repayment period. Refinancing may also make it simpler to remove cosigners if your financial situation has improved significantly or their relationship no longer warrants cosignership.

Car loan refinancing rates depend on several factors, including borrower credit scores and current auto loans. If your credit has improved since you took out your original loan, this could qualify you for better rates that save money over time.

Discover your potential interest rates and monthly payments by plugging your loan details into an auto loan calculator or comparison tool. It is wise to go over this data prior to meeting with lenders.


Refinancing car loans is becoming an increasingly popular way for borrowers to reduce the interest charges on their loans and save money on interest charges by switching lenders. Depending on your state and lender, additional fees may apply such as transaction and re-registration fees.

Refinancing may also help you qualify for a lower interest rate – particularly if your credit scores have improved since taking out the original loan or you have added a cosigner.

Refinancing could also help if your repayment term is shortening, as this may reduce monthly payments significantly while total interest costs could still increase from keeping the current term. Caribou’s online platform makes this easy by quickly providing multiple offers from lenders within minutes; pre-qualification requires only soft credit checks; on average customers with fair to good credit who refinanced through our platform typically save an average of $110 monthly on loans through Caribou’s platform.


Car loan refinancing involves replacing your original vehicle loan with one with different terms and conditions. Your lender will evaluate the value of your vehicle to assess any equity it might contain; then they’ll lend up to this amount on a new loan agreement.

Refinancing can help borrowers secure lower interest rates and save them money over the life of the loan. Your credit may have improved since obtaining your current auto loan, potentially qualifying you for lower rates.

Alternately, you can tap into your vehicle’s equity through a cash-out refinance. Lenders use its total Kelley Blue Book value as the basis for lending decisions; once this has been determined they subtract off any outstanding balance on your original loan before providing you with a check for what remains as equity in your car.

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